First of all, what is a CMS?

A CMS is known as  “Content Management,” or a “Content Management System.” This is the UI or “User Interface,” that someone would use to create, publish, post and edit their webpages. Without a CMS, that is both easy and efficent to use, operating and maintaining a website is near impossible. Webmasters use the CMS which they are both comfortable with and efficent with to create the work of art that is to be your businesses website.

1. WordPress is FREE

WordPress is both a software and a webhosting service. Known as “Open Source,” which is tech slang for free, WordPress acts as a CMS to build a site from scratch, and as a web hosting service for those who are novice in the world of web design. If you are looking for a cheap or free version of a website, checking out is worth the link click. If you want to find a host on your own the WordPress software is available for free always at

2. WordPress uses AMP

AMP or “Accelerated Mobile Pages is a service that Google offers which is also open source. WordPress uses AMP to optimise your website for mobile devices. Back in the day, many webmasters would have to create seperate pages just so mobile devices would show their content correctly. Thanks to AMP web design is now much easier. This is very important considering that the mobile web ,which we all carry around these days on our phones, is not only increasing, but is huge. Most users browse the web these days with their phones and AMP through WordPress helps make it possible for a lot of sites.

3. WordPress is in it’s prime

Having over a decade of experience under its belt WordPress is now better than ever. When a new software program comes out, many buges, fixes, and issues arise. After Years of improvement over improvement the platform has gone through its riggors and is better than ever because of it.

4. WordPress is widely accepted

Some numbers claim that over 27% of the entire internet is published with WordPress, and that number is steadily rising. Being so popular must have something to do with its short learning curve, and tons of themes and plugins made available to allow customizing a site extremely easy. WordPress is very popular.

5. WordPress adds SEO standard

If you are building a website and you are not aware of SEO, you better get with it real quick. Search Engine Optimization is one of the only ways to get your site found by others. SEO is making Google and Bing happy so they will show your site when it is relevant. WordPress has a ton of SEO tecniquesstandard.

6. WordPress knows blogging

WordPress started out as a blogging platform so you can bet that blogging comes standard. Blogging adds SEO value to any website and WordPress is one of the best platforms for it.

7. Themes Galore

A theme is a great way to jump start the web edsigning process and WordPress has Thoussands of them. Themes are the backbone of a website which you build your content around. WordPress makes it easy for you.

8. WordPress is easy

Anyone with a little bit of time, patience, and drive can build a website with wordpress. Anyone. WordPress makes it easy for everyone to feel like a web designer, without any coding education needed. Check out for a free site to get started.

Using WordPress as your platform or CMS is easy. Anone can create a stunning website using WordPress. For your business, your personal life, or any other reason. WordPress is the way to go.

Painters, Roofers, Builders, and Contractors, having a website is imperative to the vitality of your small business.

How do you transform a small business into a medium or large business?

By growing your client base of course!

How do you grow a decent base of newer clients these days?

By implementing an online digital marketing strategy which encompasses all of your online platforms to reach the people who need your services!

MWVCW is skilled and through at researching and applying the latest digital trends to build, establish, and maintain your online space. We will help your business grow by implementing these features and more,

  • Gorgeous websites
  • Relevant Facebook pages
  • Informative blogs
  • Enticing videos
  • Helpful Tweets
  • Ads that work

If you find yourself constantly searching for how to get new clients, let us help you out.

We will set up the online version of you, you run your business.

MWVCW, helping small businesses grow, one client at a time!

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Having a business these days means having, running, and promoting a website. To not involve these activities in the day to day of running a business can be detrimental. Running your website effectively though is almost an art form, with no solid start to finish, “Set in stone” path. Each business is unique so it is no surprise that each website will be as unique as well. Running your individual website will involve a digital marketing plan. Part of this digital marketing plan really ought to be creating an “Online Authority” out of your web presence.


This begs the question, what is an Online Authority?

An online authority is “go to” or a resource on a specific topic. Becoming an online authority usually means that you are well versed on the topic in which your business is in, have lots of relevant information on said topic, and have gone through the long and arduous process of simplifying, translating, and sharing, this information to people all over the world through the use of the internet. Using your web pages, your blogs, your social media profiles, as well as any other platform available, to get the information in which you have out to the world, clients, and hopefully customers.


Being an online authority on a specific subject means that you are a master of your craft.

A Sensai to the karate of your industry.

A Chef to the kitchen of your clientele.

You are to be, the bee’s knees, and the cat’s meow, of the market in which your products or services are in.

Doing this is a painstakingly daunting task, however, if done correctly, the rewards can be far greater than financial.

Helping people solve problems while also growing your businesses customer base and simultaneously increasing sales are products of your labors.


How does all this work?

People want to have trust in the services or products that they are buying. No consumer wants to buy a tire for their car from a restaurant. Building your online authority will build trust in what you provide to your audience, clients, and consumers.


The double payout

Luckily, while building your client base and helping consumers find the information that they need, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will take notice. Search Engines are there to give the person searching the best possible resource for the question being asked. Your job is to answer your customer’s questions before they ask them. This is done by creating content. Content can be written articles, posts on social media outlets, podcasts, photos and or videos.

Steadily creating content and uploading it to all of your businesses platforms will turn your business into an Online Authority on your product, service, or industry.

Online Authorities receive a loyal fan base, customer base, and a growing following. This is leveraged best when new products and or services are offered.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, the importance of having traffic that is targeted visiting your website, as opposed to traffic that is not, is about a 12.

We all want people visiting our websites. Who doesn’t really?

What gets mixed up sometimes by a lot of people is how important TARGETED traffic is.

Consumers today are spoiled.


With the advent of search engines and the growing popularity of online shopping, it has never been easier to find what a customer wants or needs in a few seconds. This can either be the best thing that a business has ever seen or the worst thing since taxes. As long as a business is receiving the right kind of traffic to their internet platforms, the internet can be a great resource.

Often people are under the misconception that any traffic is good for a web page. This is a sore mistake, however. The only way that a business will succeed in their online endeavors is if the traffic being routed to said website is geared toward the product or service in which the business offers.

Take MWV CONTENT WRITERS for example. We have a web page, a few social media platforms, as well as a blog attached to the web page. Now the content that is posted on the blog is then crossposted on tour social media outlets and is geared towards business owners, operators, and their respective online presences. This way, the traffic that receives at the web address is mostly consumers from the business related community. If MWVCW were to start promoting and writing articles on beach towels and how great the white mountains are in the summertime, sure the traffic to the site may increase, however, the traffic would not be targeted, and therefore pretty much useless. People who want to research the white mountains and read about beaches would be disappointed to land on a website about B2B, or, “Buisness to Buisness,” content marketing. Not only would they be disappointed, but they would probably never come back to the website again. This is just poor marketing.


This can be a great piece of knowledge when understood and implemented properly. The advantages of receiving only targeted traffic to a website are great. Targeted traffic, simply stated, means that the people landing on said pages are already actively seeking what product or service that the page has to offer.

Don’t send every Tom Dick or Harry to your businesses websites. It is actually counterproductive. Sending people who want or need your products or services to your websites are far superior content marketing practices.

Whether you are using a content marketing agency to provide your with content marketing services, defining your own content marketing plan, or outsourcing your social media and web content needs to a small company like MWV CONTENT WRITERS, having the correct digital content marketing strategy is the only way to increase visibility, leads, and sales.

It is a digital marketing world now, MWVCW would be thrilled to help you craft and implement an SEO based content management strategy to better drive targeted traffic to your web presence.

Google Website

Many people hear the phrase all the time, yet they have no idea what it actually means.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization,” is the art of optimizing certain content or web pages for the search engines.


Wikipedia states SEO as, “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.”


To put it plainly, practicing SEO, is actually increasing the chances of a web page, website, or post being seen in a search result naturally, or without paying for the top slot.


Knowing this, and how to do it, can bring about a successful website that actually adds productivity, leads, and sales to your business, as opposed to a website that does little more than cost money. A businesses web presence is the businesses future. 92% of businesses have a website. Of that, how many are correctly optimized? I don’t believe anyone knows that answer for sure. I do know that if all websites were optimized correctly, Google would have a very tough job.

SEO is important to any business. Without SEO, your business will not be found by the major search engines or your prospected clients.


Say that you have a painting business.

Sure, you have a few before and after pictures, your contact info, and maybe even a testimonial or two on your web sites main page or landing page. If you do not have a blog attached, or a number of pages with the correct articles using the correct keywords in the precise places, your site will not be ranked because the search engines will not know what you are offering.

This same painting business should have articles, videos, and stories about painting estimates, quotes, painting materials, types of painting jobs etc. These articles should be in a blog attached to the website, or directly on the site’s pages. That way the next time a user Google’s “local house painter,” Google, as well as the other search engines, know to display your painting businesses website. There are many other tricks to helping the search engines find you included in SEO, however, this is the main leg work of it. Other tricks can be found in the article, Building Your Businesses Online Presence is Imperative.



Keyword research is a process of the digital marketing plan which is imperative. Knowing what words to use and when, is the only way that you can craft the content, blog or web page to help your SEO.

A keyword tool must be used for this Google has AdWords, a free tool for finding relevant keyword suggestions. You must have a Google account, and set up an AdWords account for free.

There are also third party keyword planner tools like KWFinder. Finding a keyword tool which works for you is a must when trying SEO. Use the tool to create a list of Keywords for creating your content.

Using the same example as before, if I have a house painting business, I would put house painter into the keyword planner tool. The results would be Keywords like,


  • House Painters
  • Wall painter
  • Painting contractors
  • Professional painters
  • Home painting
  • Painter
  • Paint house
  • Painting services
  • Interior paint

And So on.



Now that we know what SEO is and have a list of relevant keywords, it is time to practice our SEO by crafting new original keyword rich content. Google loves original content and will actually penalize your website for copying or stealing your writing from another source. Penalized sites will not “rank” or show up at the top of a search result. This can mean a loss of profit for many businesses. My advice just do not do it. It is just as easy to just write something new.

Content can be created in many different forms and dispersed in as many as well. The most basic are the web page itself. Lacing but not over “stuffing” your web pages with just the right amount of keywords placed in just the right spots in the right format can be a dream to a search engine. Creating a page with repetitive keywords will work against you, however, so being knowledgeable here is key.

Aside from your web pages, a blog is a great way to enrich your website with the correct content. Writing stories, summaries, and lessons will incorporate your keywords without making it obvious that you are trying to rank higher. The second benefit to actually creating content that is worthy is that your clients and customers will appreciate it as well as the search engines.



After the keyword rich content is created, somehow it must make it out to the world, Google included. The latest trend for this is leveraging social media outlets like Facebook. If you have a blog attached to your site you can have it set to post to your social media outlets when the article gets posted. This is a great way to gain visibility. Posting on a blog, on a social media site, or even just updating your webpages will increase your SEO, your “following” and your client base.

C. Spinney-mwvcontentwriters- April 14,2017
Our Websites are everything to our businesses today.
Or at least they should be.
A website should serve many different purposes for us.

It can be a hello, or a handshake to a prospected customer or supplier.

It can be an online store to better merchandise our services or products.

It can serve as an info board or newsletter for our events, staff or clients.

Among these and MANY other things, it is our digital signage saying “Hey, I’m over HERE!

Our businesses need websites that are correctly formatted so that when somebody is searching for a product or service in which we offer, the prospected customer is easily directed to our websites pages.
A professional internet content writer is the key to making this process as streamlined as possible.
In the world of digital marketing, the words in which we choose to use are everything to our success.

Say you run a website or have a business on “Puppy Baked Goods.” Certain articles, pages, and words, used in the correct context and format, will send your “Puppy Bakery” website all the way to the top of the search results when a person searches a word or phrase related to your product.
If you have pictures, articles, and even a blog, attached to your website, all about different things related to your puppy baked goods, the chances that Google, Bing, or Yahoo, will be able to find your site when a person searches for a “Frosted Puppy Bone,” skyrocket.

A Web Content Writer will help with this process. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The more time and energy that you spend on Optimizing your website for the Search Engines to easily find you, the more targeted traffic your site will receive. Targeted traffic is your website’s visits that are relevant to what product or service you are offering. If a person is searching for “Water Balloons,” you probably wouldn’t want them ending up on your puppy bakery site. Unless you were selling “Pet safe water balloons,” at your puppy bakery, but that’s a different story.,

Most business owners or operators simply do not have the time or energy to spend on SEO, content writing, or blog creating for their website. Chances are, they are busy running their businesses. Which they should be. A Freelance Internet Content Writer who practices SEO in their writing is the perfect match for the business owner or operator who does not have the time to spend on their websites, blogs, or social media profiles themselves.

There are many different content marketing or content creation options or services available to the business owner today. Blogs, Social Media Posts, even Web Page SEO are all marketing tactics employed by everyone from huge marketing firms, to the DIY small business marketer. A freelance Web Content Creation Specialist may be just what your business or website needs today to boost the targeted traffic your site receives and possibly create an open for 24hour business, which markets and sells for you while you sleep. Think of the possibility. Sales in your sleep. Who doesn’t like the thought of that?

A Freelance Web Content Writer will help your businesses digital image, which inturn, helps your businesses sales.

For a FREE Web Content Evaluation, visit:

Website, Blog creation/content, Social Media Marketing

The internet has vast resourced that are capable of leveraging your small business. From websites to social media accounts. So why is it important to use these resources such as a facebook business page for my business?


Learning about your specific prospects or your, “target audience” is a very effective way to boost sales and visibility for your business. A facebook business page gives you the ability to create polls and conduct research from your clients. Finding out what people like, don’t like and are not sure about regarding your businesses products or services could help you improve upon the services and or products that you offer.

fb bus post

Research that you can conduct on your facebook business page is a valuable marketing tactic that is easy and fun to do. Your past and current customers are the best possible group of people to give feedback, both positive and negative, about your business so that you can easier improve. Also, people that have liked your facebook business page have done so either because they truly are fans of your business, or they are curious about what you have to offer. Facebook fans may be expecting to get information that they can use from your page, but this works both ways. You will be able to gather information from your clients through your businesses facebook page while also providing your client/business relationship with fun, free, or quirky facts about your business or the field your business is in.


The Facebook Insights tool will give you information about your business page’s performance such as your audience’s demographic, how your audience responds to different post content/post types, or which posts create the most engagement. Also, an optimal posting time can be figured here so that your posts reach the most people and get the most engagement.


A Facebook business page creates a better chance of being picked up by the big search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Facebook gives natural SEO or Search Engine Optimization to your website if the two are connected by “backlinks” or hyperlinks that are placed on each page to connect the two.


Stay open 24 hours a day! With a facebook page for your business, you can create and set up automated online stores and services that are available 24 hours a day. The internet isn’t just open 9-5, why shouldn’t your business be open all the time? Adding a store or service reached through your website and linked to your businesses facebook page can increase revenue, be very low cost, and cheap to operate.


The time that it takes to set up a Facebook page for your business is greatly outweighed by the benefits that can be reaped from owning one. Not only can you learn about and research your target audience, gain valuable marketing information from who that audience is, gain website SEO, have cool FREE powerful marketing tools, and stay open 24hours a day, but you can gain and grow your business community. From clients to employees. Prospects, to wholesalers. Friends, relatives, classmates, the list goes on and on of people you can connect with your community and grow your business with.

Why does a business need a Facebook page? The question is why does your business not have one already. They are FREE.

If you would like a consult on how to build a proper facebook page for your business or need to build a marketing plan for growing your following on any social media platform, do not hesitate to contact us. Forming a long term marketing stragety is an important part of growing any business these days.

MWVCR can build, strategize, or implement a marketing plan for your social media needs. Don’t have a platform set up yet? We can help. Need a website or a blog to connect your “WEB?” We are here to help. Contact us anytime to discuss your web content needs.

These days a website can be made for numerous different reasons. From business to personal. A sales and marketing platform for your company, or a Facebook/blog for your personal interests. The common question that I keep hearing pop up though is,
“Do I need a website for my wedding?”
The simple answer to that question is no. You do not NEED a website for your wedding, however, having a website specifically for your wedding does help you out an awful lot. Let us look at some of the reasons why having a dedicated website for your wedding is not only smart and helpful but is also a money saver.

Planning one of the biggest days of your life is an enormous undertaking. It is also a huge financial obligation. Now, most people will not want to skip on the wedding invitation costs. That’s quite OK. If you would like to be a little more frugal though you can make stunning e-vite invitations or video invitations that send your guests to a website once opened in their emails. If printing innovations is a must for the big day, do that. You could still use a website instead of printing multiple additional cards for things like rehearsal dinner invites and directions. Engagement party, or wedding shower invitations, as well as directions to these events,  could also be electronically sent from your website to save a bundle of time and money.

Organizing that perfect day can be a logistical nightmare. Whether it’s figuring out who is going to pick up aunt Edna at the airport, or how much parking there is at the reception hall, having a home base online is a great way to organize all of these needs. You could even embed a comment thread on a specific page just to talk about which flight your cousins from Ohio will be taking and what time they will be arriving. Also, a dedicated page on your site using an online map from a source like Google can give directions to anybody, no matter where they are coming from. No need for arguments on which route to the church is the quickest. Save your Best Man, or Maid of Honor, the hassle of giving directions to 200 different friends or relatives by phone.

Wedding websites allow everyone involved to stay connected, informed, and up to date on how things are progressing, RSVP’s, venue changes, or catering decisions.

Another great reason to have a dedicated wedding website is for having a fool proof super easy wedding registry. A page on your wedding website dedicated to your online wedding registry allows everyone to see what you have requested, how many items are left, and also makes it so everyone can find the correct registry as well. An online wedding registry in most cases can be embedded into the page itself so your guests can shop for you without even leaving your site.

A wedding website helps saves the environment. Digital flyers, electronic pages, and email communications use less paper and stamps which are good for your budget as well as the Earth.

Even if you plan on using the old fashion means of the pen, paper, envelope, and stamp, for some things, a wedding website could help you and your wedding planner fill in any gaps so that perfect day is just that, perfect.
Considering at least a professional wedding Facebook page or dedicated wedding website is a smart decision that creates value for you, your friends, and your family. Plus, you can always look back on it years later and laugh at pictures, videos, and comments made leading up to and during your special day.

4/05/2017-CSpinney2013-There are endless ways that a facebook page can not only help your business but helpfully contribute to your business today. There are so many reasons and positive results from having a dedicated facebook page for your business that it would be incredibly asinine to not only consider having one, but jumping into one head first! In this article, I will discuss the most obvious ways having a facebook will help your small business, for FREE.

A Facebook business page acts as another “string” in your businesses own personal “web.” The phrase “World Wide Web” may be flashing in your head right now with an “Oh yea” quickly following.

Your website, blog, facebook page, and all other social media accounts add into the creating of your corner of the World Wide Web. All these different entities or “platforms” as they are now called, are indexed in massive computers owned by the search engines, (Google, Bing, Yahoo.) Your goal as a business owner/operator is to rank high enough in a search result to be seen on the first page of a keyword or service that your company offers. If I own a tire shop, I want my businesses web page to rank first when a prospected customer searches for “Cheap Local Snow Tires.”

You may be thinking to yourself, “How does a facebook page effect my websites search result rankings? Believe it or not, it does. So does a blog, a twitter account, or any other social media profile that you can get your paws on. A facebook business page helps your online efforts by lending credibility or backing to your website. All social media profiles effectively promote each other creating a digital picture of what your business offers, and does. Search Engines see your digital “stamp” here and there and then know where and when to show your information in a search result.

Ergo, a facebook business page will help your business rank higher in a search engines results. Oh yea, I almost forgot, for FREE.

Businesses who use their facebook pages correctly can also benefit from free publicity. That’s right, free. Facebook already offers any page the option to collect reviews. Now, the snag here is that you cannot offer anything in exchange for said reviews, but nobody says that it can’t simply be asked of a customer, politely of course, by an employee. If a customer looks happy with the goods or services received, they will most likely be happy to leave a review for you on your facebook business page. The worst thing that can happen here is they say no. Most won’t though. Reviews are free publicity, and the best kind too, positive.

Getting personal with your clients. Facebook is all about sharing things. Why not use your facebook business page to take an interest in and get to know your customers? Getting to know your customers or potential customers, or, “target audience,” is an excellent way to get folks engaging with your page. Posting content related to the service or product you offer is the best way to do this. If you own a restaurant, post a recipe you use, or a cooking trick you learned. Content should be 75% audience targeted and 25% business related. You can’t shove “Buy ME” down people’s throats. This is indirect free publicity. Also, A Facebook business page is a great way to poll your audience if you are curious about that new dish on your menu or that new line of mud tires your selling. Asking questions about your products will reap handsome rewards of both praises, and pitfalls. Possibly some of the negative feedback received from these polls can be used to improve the next product.

Finishing up here, I believe that the reasons stated in this article are alone reasons enough to consider investing a little time into a free business facebook page. There are also many paid benefits as well, such as advertising and targeting specific audiences. The benefits reaped from creating and properly marketing a facebook business page highly outweigh the time it takes to create it. It does take some time to grow a substantial audience, but that’s for another article. Plus, if you don’t have the time to build or manage a facebook business page yourself, you can always ask me too.




The internet is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Just about everybody has a smartphone these days, and with that, an internet connection at their fingertips.

According to a survey trend recorded by 68% of adults surveyed in the united states now own a smartphone. That trend has been steadily rising for some years and doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.

Social media has busted into our modern lives with force. Of the adults who have internet access and use social media on a daily basis, 8 out of ten people use Facebook now. A surprising statistic. The created this graph to illustrate,


Looking at this graph clearly shows how powerful a presence a Facebook account is compared to other social media sites.

A website acts as a homebase of operationsfor you weather it’s a business, personal, or  other account. A blog helps to add content to such a site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Your Social Media accounts help makr your web presence complete garnering attention, new followers, and added SEO content. This three  prong approach adds both credibility, marketing value, and visability for you, your page, and or your business.

A site, a blog and a social media page/account create a complete web of your own. Don’t underestimate the importance of having and setting up all three.