Our online presence is who we are and how we want the world to see us.

Luckily, we can control what people see about us, and where it is seen. This opens up a world of almost endless possibilities. Possibilities that we as businesses cannot afford to squander. Choosing the right platforms and engaging with customers, vendors, and employees is a tried and true method for increasing our visibility organically, otherwise known as for free.

Increasing Visibility?

There are many, almost endless, platforms online for promoting our services and or products. Just promoting what we have to offer the world, however, is not enough these days. Engagement with people who visit, post, and like our content is one of the only ways to create a following of people who in turn, become valued customers. Choosing the right platforms to do this, and staffing or creating the marketing team to implement it is often times a huge challenge.

I do not have the time

MWVCR is skilled at building platforms which link to your website or home base of online operations for you. Building a marketing strategy comprised of creating profiles, pages, and posts, is a step that many business operators simply do not have the time to do. This is where we come in.

MWV Content Writers is experienced in the building of Facebook pages, Blogs, LinkedIn profiles, Youtube accounts, Twitter feeds, and WordPress websites or blog posts. We can also create and optimize ads utilizing the sites built-in ad services. Affordable ads that have a noticeable ROI, orĀ  Return On Investment, are creatively crafted by MWVCR, for the businesses that do not have the time.

You run your business, we will run your online activities.

But my business HAS a Facebook page

A lot of people think that setting up a Facebook page, or a blog, and leaving it is all that needs to be done to increase their presence.

This is a HUGE mistake.

  • Engagement on Facebook likes and posts is imperative in building an online following. 79% of online Americans use Facebook
  • Regular postings on all social media accounts may be the only way to increase organic visibility. Business that post to their blogs 16 times a month receive 4.5X more customers
  • Blog postings numbering the teens, every month, is the only way to increase search engine visibility and higher search engine ranking. Over 23 BILLION blog pages are viewed on WordPress alone, every month.

Can MWVCR help me?

MWVCR will skillfully craft a digital marketing plan using some, or all of the elements mentioned above to give you an ROI that you can actually notice. Let us craft your individual online marketing strategy for finding new followers, clients, and in turn CUSTOMERS.

Contact us for a free online presence evaluation. Simply fill out the CONTACT FORM HERE,

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