The Biggest Web Design Myths Debunked

Great points. I like this…


design-1210160_960_720.jpgImage from Pixabay

Great web design, that invites your audience onto a page and converts them into paying customers, certainly isn’t easy. Every business these days has a website, and the sheer amount of competition out there can make it very hard to keep up with evolving standards. There seems to be a lot of harmful myths about web design floating around these days. Here are a few you should never believe, and the truth behind them.

If You Like It, It Must Be Good

Unless you’re building a website just for the love of it, it’s going to be for your target audience, not for you. This means that you need to design your site around the preferences of your active users, as well as the kinds of people you want to attract. You may have an issue with the kind of UX design that’s best suited to…

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