What’s the best way to digitally market?

The digital marketing options for a business are seemingly endless. This article helps to sort it all out.

Internet Marketing

What is the best digital marketing option for your business?

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless possibilities of digital marketing? Well you’re not alone 64% of businesses say that they don’t know what the most effective method of digital marketing is (Kagan, 2016).

In today’s blog, I’m going to break a number of aspects of digital marketing. I’ll have a look at some of the benefits and negatives for a variety of business types. The online marketplace is the most lucrative in the world. With globalisation occurring at rates quicker than any former revolution, online marketing has become a necessity for almost any business. Without capitalising on this avenue of promotion, your business is already a mile behind.

1.png Image two, Big Ideas, 2016

The evolution of the internet has changed even the fundamentals of advertising. Companies no longer implore the ‘Sell Sell Sell’ theory. Instead, the world of marketing…

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