The internet has vast resourced that are capable of leveraging your small business. From websites to social media accounts. So why is it important to use these resources such as a facebook business page for my business?


Learning about your specific prospects or your, “target audience” is a very effective way to boost sales and visibility for your business. A facebook business page gives you the ability to create polls and conduct research from your clients. Finding out what people like, don’t like and are not sure about regarding your businesses products or services could help you improve upon the services and or products that you offer.

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Research that you can conduct on your facebook business page is a valuable marketing tactic that is easy and fun to do. Your past and current customers are the best possible group of people to give feedback, both positive and negative, about your business so that you can easier improve. Also, people that have liked your facebook business page have done so either because they truly are fans of your business, or they are curious about what you have to offer. Facebook fans may be expecting to get information that they can use from your page, but this works both ways. You will be able to gather information from your clients through your businesses facebook page while also providing your client/business relationship with fun, free, or quirky facts about your business or the field your business is in.


The Facebook Insights tool will give you information about your business page’s performance such as your audience’s demographic, how your audience responds to different post content/post types, or which posts create the most engagement. Also, an optimal posting time can be figured here so that your posts reach the most people and get the most engagement.


A Facebook business page creates a better chance of being picked up by the big search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Facebook gives natural SEO or Search Engine Optimization to your website if the two are connected by “backlinks” or hyperlinks that are placed on each page to connect the two.


Stay open 24 hours a day! With a facebook page for your business, you can create and set up automated online stores and services that are available 24 hours a day. The internet isn’t just open 9-5, why shouldn’t your business be open all the time? Adding a store or service reached through your website and linked to your businesses facebook page can increase revenue, be very low cost, and cheap to operate.


The time that it takes to set up a Facebook page for your business is greatly outweighed by the benefits that can be reaped from owning one. Not only can you learn about and research your target audience, gain valuable marketing information from who that audience is, gain website SEO, have cool FREE powerful marketing tools, and stay open 24hours a day, but you can gain and grow your business community. From clients to employees. Prospects, to wholesalers. Friends, relatives, classmates, the list goes on and on of people you can connect with your community and grow your business with.

Why does a business need a Facebook page? The question is why does your business not have one already. They are FREE.

If you would like a consult on how to build a proper facebook page for your business or need to build a marketing plan for growing your following on any social media platform, do not hesitate to contact us. Forming a long term marketing stragety is an important part of growing any business these days.

MWVCR can build, strategize, or implement a marketing plan for your social media needs. Don’t have a platform set up yet? We can help. Need a website or a blog to connect your “WEB?” We are here to help. Contact us anytime to discuss your web content needs.

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