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The options are almost endless as to which CMS or “Content Management System” you should use to build your website on. When building a new website, especially for a contractor or other small business, many factors have to be taken into account. Such as analytics, functionality, and ease of use. Today’s post goes over the Top 3 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Your Website.

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#3. Statistics

WordPress unlike a lot of the drag and drop website builders available today has so many statistic integration possibilities that it would take all day to list in a post. Instead, I’ll go over the most widely known and used. Facebook, Google webmaster, and Hubspot are just a small example of the most popular. When using WordPress as your CMS for your website you have the ability to basically see, record, and act on as little or as many site statistics that you want. Beginners could just install the Jetpack plug-in to get a glimpse of how many visitors are viewing their site on a daily basis and add Facebook share buttons to pages and posts. Advanced users could install Hubspot for professional marketing duties like contact forms and email address captures. Basically, with WordPress, you can add as few or as many options to your website as you want.


#2. Creation & Functionality

The options are truly limitless as to what kind of site you can create using  WordPress to build your website.  Beginners can use the themes that come loaded to the WordPress install, whereas expert and advances users can craft custom themes or download themes that others have made. Customizing a theme is as easy as the drag and drop builders and offers many more options. The functionality options that are able to be added are truly limitless. You can pretty much create, design, and have your website do whatever you can dream up using WordPress.


#1. Ease of Use

Many think that to use and customize a WordPress website, an expert design team or coding background is needed. This is just simply untrue. If you can post to Facebook, chances are that you can post to a website using WordPress. Coding knowledge is not needed because for most tasks, there is already a plug-in in the WordPress dot org database that offers the options needed. Simply install the plug-in and you are on your way. WordPress offers the ability to pick and choose as many or as little plug-ins to your site as you want, just keep in mind that too many plugins will slow your site’s loading speed, which will hurt your search rankings.


Finishing up

Wix, Go-Daddy, Squarespace and the other options out there are great for people who do not have the time or think that they do not have the knowledge to create using WordPress. This, however, is simply untrue. WordPress is super easy, customizable, and runs about one-third of all websites on the internet for a reason. WordPress is a rockstar. The Top 3 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Your Website is just a small example of all the reasons WordPress is the best. Share the Top 3 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Your Website if you agree.

First of all, what is a CMS?

A CMS is known as  “Content Management,” or a “Content Management System.” This is the UI or “User Interface,” that someone would use to create, publish, post and edit their webpages. Without a CMS, that is both easy and efficent to use, operating and maintaining a website is near impossible. Webmasters use the CMS which they are both comfortable with and efficent with to create the work of art that is to be your businesses website.

1. WordPress is FREE

WordPress is both a software and a webhosting service. Known as “Open Source,” which is tech slang for free, WordPress acts as a CMS to build a site from scratch, and as a web hosting service for those who are novice in the world of web design. If you are looking for a cheap or free version of a website, checking out is worth the link click. If you want to find a host on your own the WordPress software is available for free always at

2. WordPress uses AMP

AMP or “Accelerated Mobile Pages is a service that Google offers which is also open source. WordPress uses AMP to optimise your website for mobile devices. Back in the day, many webmasters would have to create seperate pages just so mobile devices would show their content correctly. Thanks to AMP web design is now much easier. This is very important considering that the mobile web ,which we all carry around these days on our phones, is not only increasing, but is huge. Most users browse the web these days with their phones and AMP through WordPress helps make it possible for a lot of sites.

3. WordPress is in it’s prime

Having over a decade of experience under its belt WordPress is now better than ever. When a new software program comes out, many buges, fixes, and issues arise. After Years of improvement over improvement the platform has gone through its riggors and is better than ever because of it.

4. WordPress is widely accepted

Some numbers claim that over 27% of the entire internet is published with WordPress, and that number is steadily rising. Being so popular must have something to do with its short learning curve, and tons of themes and plugins made available to allow customizing a site extremely easy. WordPress is very popular.

5. WordPress adds SEO standard

If you are building a website and you are not aware of SEO, you better get with it real quick. Search Engine Optimization is one of the only ways to get your site found by others. SEO is making Google and Bing happy so they will show your site when it is relevant. WordPress has a ton of SEO tecniquesstandard.

6. WordPress knows blogging

WordPress started out as a blogging platform so you can bet that blogging comes standard. Blogging adds SEO value to any website and WordPress is one of the best platforms for it.

7. Themes Galore

A theme is a great way to jump start the web edsigning process and WordPress has Thoussands of them. Themes are the backbone of a website which you build your content around. WordPress makes it easy for you.

8. WordPress is easy

Anyone with a little bit of time, patience, and drive can build a website with wordpress. Anyone. WordPress makes it easy for everyone to feel like a web designer, without any coding education needed. Check out for a free site to get started.

Using WordPress as your platform or CMS is easy. Anone can create a stunning website using WordPress. For your business, your personal life, or any other reason. WordPress is the way to go.

C. Spinney-mwvcontentwriters- April 14,2017
Our Websites are everything to our businesses today.
Or at least they should be.
A website should serve many different purposes for us.

It can be a hello, or a handshake to a prospected customer or supplier.

It can be an online store to better merchandise our services or products.

It can serve as an info board or newsletter for our events, staff or clients.

Among these and MANY other things, it is our digital signage saying “Hey, I’m over HERE!

Our businesses need websites that are correctly formatted so that when somebody is searching for a product or service in which we offer, the prospected customer is easily directed to our websites pages.
A professional internet content writer is the key to making this process as streamlined as possible.
In the world of digital marketing, the words in which we choose to use are everything to our success.

Say you run a website or have a business on “Puppy Baked Goods.” Certain articles, pages, and words, used in the correct context and format, will send your “Puppy Bakery” website all the way to the top of the search results when a person searches a word or phrase related to your product.
If you have pictures, articles, and even a blog, attached to your website, all about different things related to your puppy baked goods, the chances that Google, Bing, or Yahoo, will be able to find your site when a person searches for a “Frosted Puppy Bone,” skyrocket.

A Web Content Writer will help with this process. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The more time and energy that you spend on Optimizing your website for the Search Engines to easily find you, the more targeted traffic your site will receive. Targeted traffic is your website’s visits that are relevant to what product or service you are offering. If a person is searching for “Water Balloons,” you probably wouldn’t want them ending up on your puppy bakery site. Unless you were selling “Pet safe water balloons,” at your puppy bakery, but that’s a different story.,

Most business owners or operators simply do not have the time or energy to spend on SEO, content writing, or blog creating for their website. Chances are, they are busy running their businesses. Which they should be. A Freelance Internet Content Writer who practices SEO in their writing is the perfect match for the business owner or operator who does not have the time to spend on their websites, blogs, or social media profiles themselves.

There are many different content marketing or content creation options or services available to the business owner today. Blogs, Social Media Posts, even Web Page SEO are all marketing tactics employed by everyone from huge marketing firms, to the DIY small business marketer. A freelance Web Content Creation Specialist may be just what your business or website needs today to boost the targeted traffic your site receives and possibly create an open for 24hour business, which markets and sells for you while you sleep. Think of the possibility. Sales in your sleep. Who doesn’t like the thought of that?

A Freelance Web Content Writer will help your businesses digital image, which inturn, helps your businesses sales.

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