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Just about everyone has a business page on Facebook these days for their businesses. What these pages are actually for and what they can do for us is surrounded by a common misconception. Facebook is a “Social,” site, and therefore people are on it to socialize, not to find a roofer or a house builder. This does not mean that it cannot be leveraged to our benefit though. Growing a large following of likes and subscribers to our posts and news feed updates can turn into a client gathering machine over time.  Here is the point though, the time has to be put in.

Here is the point though, the time has to be put in. You cannot spend your time on Facebook jamming your ads and services in front of people and expect to find new clients that way. This is just not how things work. Again I’ll say that Facebook is a social site and must be treated as such if any amount of lead generation is expected from a page.

What does this mean to you and I?

It’s very simple. Be helpful. Business owners small and large would be better off spending their time crafting knowledgeable, informative content in the fields in which they are in to then share with their peers on Facebook and other social channels.

This is one of the only proven and effective ways to gain a larger following and thus enable the ability to turn your social media channels into a lead generation machine. You must put out information that people not only want to read but will become informed by doing so. You don’t have to solve quantum physics or anything, but a small bit of advice about the right type of paint brush surely wouldn’t hurt.

People are spending more and more time on Facebook now, and that number will continue to increase. Starting by planning, writing and sharing useful and helpful information will guarantee that your page will gather a following of targeted useful prospected clients for later on down the road. Help people and it will all come back around. The golden rule of “Facebook” is what I like to call it.

With July here and the summer season in full swing it is easy to forget just how hard the winter months can be for us all. Especially for contractors and professional painters. 

With the warm weather apon us many forget that during the winter months Interior work is the only type of job that can keep these businesses going.

What is the best way to keep a business going when there is no outside work to b had due to inclement weather?

By scheduling the winter months hobs ahead if time, like now!

Building and promoting a professional website, as well as custom ads that grab clients attention, is a proven way to keep a business moving  forward.

Mwvcontent writers is a local and professional digital studio located right here in the Mt Washington valley, dedicated to helping small businesses and contractors grow their client list.

If you want to be ahead of the curve when the snow starts to fly, and we all know that it will be all to soon, give us a call. We will build you a professional digital marketing strategy that will drive new clients to you!