Many business owners/operators have no idea what content marketing is.

Simply put, Content Marketing is a strategy used to market, or share your businesses product or service by creating written, verbal, visual, audio content, or any combination together, to let the world know what you provide.

Content marketing is one of the only ways that customers will find your businesses products or services.

Every major brand or company has a digital content marketing strategy.

Content questions?
Content questions?

This usually involves writing articles, posts, and pages for websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Writing informative articles on the industry the business is in has a two-fold effect.

  • First, articles can be and should be, informative, interesting, and appealing to prospected customers. Writing pieces like this gives authority to the business in its respected field and lends weight to what the product offer is.


  • Second, articles are a vital part of a digital marketing strategy. These blog posts, when attached to the website, allow the search engines to read the pages and better decide what it is that you have to offer. Content Management is necessary to SEO, so customers can find the product or service in which you offer when they are looking for it.


There are many different ways to implement a digital content marketing strategy.

  • Written articles will work better over longer periods of time, giving your website traffic in the long term.
  • Social media posts will drive traffic from the social media sites to your website when done so correctly.
  • Video content will get people to engage with your brand on the social media platforms.
  • Audio content creation is another method to show people what a business is all about.


Combining a few of these resources and formulating a digital marketing strategy is one of the only ways to find new customers and keep the ones that you have. Paid advertising can be a part of the content budget, however, when the budget or ad expires, so does the traffic that came with it.

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