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Google has many available resources for businesses both small and large. We all know that Google is one of the largest and most used search engines available today.  Getting any of the behemoth companies like Google, Microsoft’s Bing, or Yahoo to display your businesses information can be an overwhelming task for sure.

Thankfully there are ways to get these companies to push your websites and social media accounts to the right people.

place-holder-1566737_1280How Search engine work

Search engines want to help the consumers using their services. There are a handful of large search engines and all of them are extremely competitive with each other. Google wants to help you better than Bing, and Yahoo wants to keep you using their service. People are creatures of habit. More than likely a person will pick a search engine and stick with it. The only reason that a person may try, or switch, to a different search engine, is if they are unhappy with the way the engine works or do not like the results. The gargantuan companies are aware of this and are there for very cut throat about what is shown to their customers.

Knowing this can work to our advantage. We know that these companies are extremely competitive. Therefore, we know that they must help each of their clients as best as they can by giving the absolute best results possible. We can help this process along, by submitting our contractor or small business web pages and social media accounts in the right places. Showing the search engines what our businesses are all about and making it crystal clear what it is that we do, where we do it, and how we do it, are the keys to “helping” the search engines serve their customers best.

If I am an independent contractor who paints for a living, I would want to submit to Google my website about my business, where it is, who works there, and some useful information about Interior and Exterior painting. If done correctly, over time, the next time a local person searches “Professional Painters,” or a keyword similar to that, my website would show up in the “rankings,” or results page. There are a few major ways to do this successfully.



SEO or “Search Engine Optimization,” is the best way to achieve a high search engine results ranking. Unfortunately, this is a process of time-consuming efforts, which cannot be done overnight. SEO takes weeks, months, and sometimes even years to achieve the desired results. The benefits, however, are great in the fact that once you have achieved the results and ranking that you want with SEO, you are more likely to keep them. The weeks and months of posting, updating, and “Optimising” your web pages, your social media profiles, and your photo’s and videos can pay off greatly in the long run by getting you more clients down the road. SEO involves a painstakingly long process of identifying relevant “Keywords,” or words that a search engine user would use to find your business.  Creating a list of these Keywords, usually a list of about 200 or more, and inserting them into the content of your online platforms, online spaces, and online profiles are just one of the most important parts of an SEO campaign. SEO also involves creating “Backlinks,” or leaving your website’s address on another website. The more Backlinks your site has, the more authority your site will gain in the eyes of the gargantuan search engines. The more authority or trust you gain, the better your results. These duties and much more are usually part of an all inclusive digital marketing strategy.



Most Digital marketing managers, or experts, suggest using paid advertising as well as SEO techniques. Usually in the beginning of an advertising campaign, crafting a set of paid ads to gain visibility for the client’s social media profiles as well as web pages while also enabling SEO techniques is the best method to getting exposure. Paid ads are offered just about everywhere these days. Facebook, Google, Bing, Youtube, and Linkedin all offer a paid advertising option. The only problem with paid marketing is that it can get very pricey very quickly with not so great results if not done correctly. The best way to go about a paid advertising campaign is to offer a marketing professional a budget and timeframe, and let this pro handle the ad development, ad targeting, and ad results/outcome. As I said, a newbie to advertising through these channels will eat up a budget fast.


To wrap it all up, creating and managing your online presence is imperative to the sustainability of your business. Many can do it themselves, however, it takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge about how the systems all work together. To ignore all of these options can end up with a slow growth of a business.

Promoting your contractor or small business by hiring a professional Digital Marketing Manager to craft, optimize, and update your web site and web pages is the only way to get the right search results that you want. Other than the SEO and PAID options mentioned above there are many more items that need the attention of someone.

A digital marketing professional such as MWV CONTENT WRITERS will not only clean up, or build a website, they will create a digital marketing plan that thoroughly outlines the items which need attention, and fixes them. Contact Me Christopher Spinney, the owner, and operator of MWVCW. I will do a free digital platform evaluation to let you know what your small business needs to succeed on the web. Succeeding online will make your business thrive offline.


Many business owners/operators have no idea what content marketing is.

Simply put, Content Marketing is a strategy used to market, or share your businesses product or service by creating written, verbal, visual, audio content, or any combination together, to let the world know what you provide.

Content marketing is one of the only ways that customers will find your businesses products or services.

Every major brand or company has a digital content marketing strategy.

Content questions?
Content questions?

This usually involves writing articles, posts, and pages for websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Writing informative articles on the industry the business is in has a two-fold effect.

  • First, articles can be and should be, informative, interesting, and appealing to prospected customers. Writing pieces like this gives authority to the business in its respected field and lends weight to what the product offer is.


  • Second, articles are a vital part of a digital marketing strategy. These blog posts, when attached to the website, allow the search engines to read the pages and better decide what it is that you have to offer. Content Management is necessary to SEO, so customers can find the product or service in which you offer when they are looking for it.


There are many different ways to implement a digital content marketing strategy.

  • Written articles will work better over longer periods of time, giving your website traffic in the long term.
  • Social media posts will drive traffic from the social media sites to your website when done so correctly.
  • Video content will get people to engage with your brand on the social media platforms.
  • Audio content creation is another method to show people what a business is all about.


Combining a few of these resources and formulating a digital marketing strategy is one of the only ways to find new customers and keep the ones that you have. Paid advertising can be a part of the content budget, however, when the budget or ad expires, so does the traffic that came with it.

Let MWV CONTENT WRITERS craft a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Our free consult will help you to decide which is more important to your business, Growing your brand and audience


Finding new leads, customers, or sales.

We will help you get found better on Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter as well as the world wide web.