On a scale of 1 to 10, the importance of having traffic that is targeted visiting your website, as opposed to traffic that is not, is about a 12.

We all want people visiting our websites. Who doesn’t really?

What gets mixed up sometimes by a lot of people is how important TARGETED traffic is.

Consumers today are spoiled.


With the advent of search engines and the growing popularity of online shopping, it has never been easier to find what a customer wants or needs in a few seconds. This can either be the best thing that a business has ever seen or the worst thing since taxes. As long as a business is receiving the right kind of traffic to their internet platforms, the internet can be a great resource.

Often people are under the misconception that any traffic is good for a web page. This is a sore mistake, however. The only way that a business will succeed in their online endeavors is if the traffic being routed to said website is geared toward the product or service in which the business offers.

Take MWV CONTENT WRITERS for example. We have a web page, a few social media platforms, as well as a blog attached to the web page. Now the content that is posted on the blog is then crossposted on tour social media outlets and is geared towards business owners, operators, and their respective online presences. This way, the traffic that http://mwvcontentwriters.wordpress.com receives at the web address is mostly consumers from the business related community. If MWVCW were to start promoting and writing articles on beach towels and how great the white mountains are in the summertime, sure the traffic to the site may increase, however, the traffic would not be targeted, and therefore pretty much useless. People who want to research the white mountains and read about beaches would be disappointed to land on a website about B2B, or, “Buisness to Buisness,” content marketing. Not only would they be disappointed, but they would probably never come back to the website again. This is just poor marketing.


This can be a great piece of knowledge when understood and implemented properly. The advantages of receiving only targeted traffic to a website are great. Targeted traffic, simply stated, means that the people landing on said pages are already actively seeking what product or service that the page has to offer.

Don’t send every Tom Dick or Harry to your businesses websites. It is actually counterproductive. Sending people who want or need your products or services to your websites are far superior content marketing practices.

Whether you are using a content marketing agency to provide your with content marketing services, defining your own content marketing plan, or outsourcing your social media and web content needs to a small company like MWV CONTENT WRITERS, having the correct digital content marketing strategy is the only way to increase visibility, leads, and sales.

It is a digital marketing world now, MWVCW would be thrilled to help you craft and implement an SEO based content management strategy to better drive targeted traffic to your web presence.

Google for Business

Many people underestimate the importance of leveraging everything which Google has to offer.
Google is so much more than a search engine.
Google Maps, Google Plus, and Google ads are all important services which a business owner would be amiss to ignore.
MWV Content Writers is skilled and through in the tweaking of all of a businesses profiles and location data, ensuring that when a person “Google’s” a specific product or service, your business is not only in the correct search results but at the top of that list.
A business cannot survive today without managing their Google portfolio.
MWV content writers can help you with your Google needs.

C. Spinney-mwvcontentwriters- April 14,2017
Our Websites are everything to our businesses today.
Or at least they should be.
A website should serve many different purposes for us.

It can be a hello, or a handshake to a prospected customer or supplier.

It can be an online store to better merchandise our services or products.

It can serve as an info board or newsletter for our events, staff or clients.

Among these and MANY other things, it is our digital signage saying “Hey, I’m over HERE!

Our businesses need websites that are correctly formatted so that when somebody is searching for a product or service in which we offer, the prospected customer is easily directed to our websites pages.
A professional internet content writer is the key to making this process as streamlined as possible.
In the world of digital marketing, the words in which we choose to use are everything to our success.

Say you run a website or have a business on “Puppy Baked Goods.” Certain articles, pages, and words, used in the correct context and format, will send your “Puppy Bakery” website all the way to the top of the search results when a person searches a word or phrase related to your product.
If you have pictures, articles, and even a blog, attached to your website, all about different things related to your puppy baked goods, the chances that Google, Bing, or Yahoo, will be able to find your site when a person searches for a “Frosted Puppy Bone,” skyrocket.

A Web Content Writer will help with this process. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The more time and energy that you spend on Optimizing your website for the Search Engines to easily find you, the more targeted traffic your site will receive. Targeted traffic is your website’s visits that are relevant to what product or service you are offering. If a person is searching for “Water Balloons,” you probably wouldn’t want them ending up on your puppy bakery site. Unless you were selling “Pet safe water balloons,” at your puppy bakery, but that’s a different story.,

Most business owners or operators simply do not have the time or energy to spend on SEO, content writing, or blog creating for their website. Chances are, they are busy running their businesses. Which they should be. A Freelance Internet Content Writer who practices SEO in their writing is the perfect match for the business owner or operator who does not have the time to spend on their websites, blogs, or social media profiles themselves.

There are many different content marketing or content creation options or services available to the business owner today. Blogs, Social Media Posts, even Web Page SEO are all marketing tactics employed by everyone from huge marketing firms, to the DIY small business marketer. A freelance Web Content Creation Specialist may be just what your business or website needs today to boost the targeted traffic your site receives and possibly create an open for 24hour business, which markets and sells for you while you sleep. Think of the possibility. Sales in your sleep. Who doesn’t like the thought of that?

A Freelance Web Content Writer will help your businesses digital image, which inturn, helps your businesses sales.

For a FREE Web Content Evaluation, visit: https://mwvcontentwriters.wordpress.com/contact/

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