These days a website can be made for numerous different reasons. From business to personal. A sales and marketing platform for your company, or a Facebook/blog for your personal interests. The common question that I keep hearing pop up though is,
“Do I need a website for my wedding?”
The simple answer to that question is no. You do not NEED a website for your wedding, however, having a website specifically for your wedding does help you out an awful lot. Let us look at some of the reasons why having a dedicated website for your wedding is not only smart and helpful but is also a money saver.

Planning one of the biggest days of your life is an enormous undertaking. It is also a huge financial obligation. Now, most people will not want to skip on the wedding invitation costs. That’s quite OK. If you would like to be a little more frugal though you can make stunning e-vite invitations or video invitations that send your guests to a website once opened in their emails. If printing innovations is a must for the big day, do that. You could still use a website instead of printing multiple additional cards for things like rehearsal dinner invites and directions. Engagement party, or wedding shower invitations, as well as directions to these events,  could also be electronically sent from your website to save a bundle of time and money.

Organizing that perfect day can be a logistical nightmare. Whether it’s figuring out who is going to pick up aunt Edna at the airport, or how much parking there is at the reception hall, having a home base online is a great way to organize all of these needs. You could even embed a comment thread on a specific page just to talk about which flight your cousins from Ohio will be taking and what time they will be arriving. Also, a dedicated page on your site using an online map from a source like Google can give directions to anybody, no matter where they are coming from. No need for arguments on which route to the church is the quickest. Save your Best Man, or Maid of Honor, the hassle of giving directions to 200 different friends or relatives by phone.

Wedding websites allow everyone involved to stay connected, informed, and up to date on how things are progressing, RSVP’s, venue changes, or catering decisions.

Another great reason to have a dedicated wedding website is for having a fool proof super easy wedding registry. A page on your wedding website dedicated to your online wedding registry allows everyone to see what you have requested, how many items are left, and also makes it so everyone can find the correct registry as well. An online wedding registry in most cases can be embedded into the page itself so your guests can shop for you without even leaving your site.

A wedding website helps saves the environment. Digital flyers, electronic pages, and email communications use less paper and stamps which are good for your budget as well as the Earth.

Even if you plan on using the old fashion means of the pen, paper, envelope, and stamp, for some things, a wedding website could help you and your wedding planner fill in any gaps so that perfect day is just that, perfect.
Considering at least a professional wedding Facebook page or dedicated wedding website is a smart decision that creates value for you, your friends, and your family. Plus, you can always look back on it years later and laugh at pictures, videos, and comments made leading up to and during your special day.

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