Today’s post is about the Bulls Eye Facebook Targeting that is available through Facebook ad manager.

Most people are simply unaware of the laser focused targeting possibilities which exist to present your ads too for any business.

Facebook makes it easier than ever to get your important content in front of the consumers, clients, or prospects that matter to your business.



Now that Facebook has partnered up with the major consumer reporting agencies, advertisers are able to real the benefits of a completely connected digital society. True, this may be scary in regards to privacy, however, if you are looking to grab the attention if a certain sub set of consumers, Facebook is the place to do it.




Targeting he right consumers for your products comes down to testing, refining and testing some more. The down side is that you may have to spend a little money before you will actually start to see any results. The good thing is, however, the analytics offered are amazing. Testing with Facebook ads will give you more information than you know what to do with, as long as the reporting analytics bare set up right. This is no easy feat, but absolutely worth the time.

Starting an ad out to targeting the right audience is impossible because you may not know exactly who your perfect consumer profile looks like. This is where the testing comes in.

Say you own a hair salon. You may start your ad campaign out as a picture of a woman getting a facial with a coupon code for 10% off for new customers. The targeting for this ad could be all womenfolk in your geographical state. After running the ad for a week you will have results to look at. After analyzing the data, you may find that women 65+ who own their homes and drive sedans responded better to your ad by 20%. This new data can be used to refine your next ad and get even better results.




This is just a very rough example of the endless possibilities that now exist with the Facebook ads targeting system. Setting it all up does take some internet and web design knowledge, however, so if you are not sure and want to start, find a pro like MWVCW to help you out. Bulls Eye Facebook Targeting is best done by a pro for best results.

Email me at cspinney@mwvcontentwriters fmi.

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