The digital age is here.

Ready or not.

Unfortunately, though, some business owners refuse to admit it. Denial, in this case, is detrimental to a business, its employees, shareholders, and customers.

Businesses who have not, will not, and are not implementing a digital marketing strategy, which is not only aggressive, but is also growing, are doomed to reap the sowing of customer loss, lack of client referral, and longevity insecurity. Business who have not created a digital marketing strategy already, and are not growing that strategy exponentially are going to fail. It is an unfortunate fact.

Blogging is a digital marketing tactic which is a must.

Data shows that companies who post 16 or more blog posts a month received 4.5X more leads than companies who do not blog.

43% of all adults admit to skimming blog posts.

We must have blogs attached to our websites to create organic leads from search results. It is the only proven way to increase our web presence exponentially, over time.

Image Credit: Simon


72% of adults who use the internet, use Facebook. Of those adults, another 70% log in every day.

I’ll say it again,¬†Every day!

This creates a marketing resource that if not exploited, could be to the detriment of any business.

Facebook has 1.13 BILLION daily active users.

Facebook is no alone.

PodCasts, Instagram, and Pinterest are growing as well.

Creating a digital marketing strategy which not only increases your businesses website visibility but increases your sales over time is a recipe for success.

MWVcontentwriters specializes in blog creation, web content creation, and digital marketing strategy implementation.

Let us give your web presence a boost by customizing a digital marketing strategy tailored to your businesses specific needs.

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