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8 Reasons WordPress is the best CMS Platform for a Business

First of all, what is a CMS? A CMS is known as  "Content Management," or a "Content Management System." This is the UI or "User Interface," that someone would use to create, publish, post and edit their webpages. Without a CMS, that is both easy and efficent to use, operating and maintaining a website is [...]

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What Can Facebook Do For My Self Employed Business?

Just about everyone has a business page on Facebook these days for their businesses. What these pages are actually for and what they can do for us is surrounded by a common misconception. Facebook is a "Social," site, and therefore people are on it to socialize, not to find a roofer or a house builder. [...]

Self Employed SEO

Social Media for Self Employed Businesses

Even with the year currently being 2017, and the fact that almost everyone uses social media today on a personal level, some small businesses still refuse to actively pursue social media channels for marketing their self-employed small businesses. Pessimism with regards to if and how many social media can help a small business, especially with [...]

Contractor and Self-Employed Business SEO

Seo is the key to getting your business noticed online. What is local SEO, and how do you do it? Many have heard the term SEO, but are not quite sure what it is exactly. SEO is a process that is never really finished. For contractors and self-employed businesses "Local SEO" is not only important [...]

How to Get Your Self Employed Business on to Google Search

As a Digital Marketer and Website designer for contractors, one of the most often asked questions that I get from prospected and current clients is, "How can they get their businesses on to Google?" The easiest answer to that is to have a website that is not only professionally done but also uses the best [...]