Every business has a website today. The importance of attaching a blog to that website, however, is often detrimentally overlooked. The significance of not only linking a blog to your web page but posting relevant content on such blog is easily overlooked.

Your websites SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) depends on content like a blog. Blogs attached to websites are seen by search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo as road maps or references of what can be found on such site. Having a blog connected to your website and using it to post relevant content related to your business or products is a sure-fire way to drum up or create more customers seemingly out of thin air.

Search engines index websites by sending robots called crawlers out to every web page to read the text on every web page. The text is then indexed until a user searches a relevant term. The engine then decides which web pages to show you and in what order depending on what and how many relevant terms are found on each web site indexed. This is where the blog comes into play. Creating and Posting content on your blog related to what products you sell or services you offer feeds the Search engines constantly. The content then refines your web page in the search engine index. Now people looking for a service or product in which you offer are directed to your website when searching terms relevant to your product or service.

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